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Fitness Center

Swimming pool

Game Room

Spa Center

Beauty Salon

All windows open to the endless blue of the Mediterranean in Querencia

Unseen social facilities and industry-leading Döveç Quality, Querencia is an unbeatable offers investment and life opportunity

Tennis Court

Yoga Hall


Spa Center

Golf Course

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Aqua Park

Panoramic Discovery

Döveç Construction develops projects in Famagusta, İskele, Yenibogazici and Karpaz regions of Northern Cyprus. Döveç 360° You can see the locations of our completed and under construction projects on its page and examine the details.

If you want to get detailed information about the projects, you can contact our expert sales team. Döveç Construction has been the address of quality and trust with the right investment projects for 33 years.


What is

a Mixed Project?

Querencia reflects all the features of the Mixed Project Concept with the block to be operated in the hotel concept, the residences, the shopping street within the project and the food and beverage areas within the project.

A Block Studio Flat

A Block 1+1 Flat

B-C-D Block 2+1 Flat

B-C-D Block 1+1 Flat

A Block 2+1 Flat

Is it a Hotel ?

Is it a Residence ?

Consisting of studio, 1+1, 2+1, 3+1 Residence flats, 4+1, 5+1 luxury penthouses and 686 flats, the project promises its owners an unprecedented life experience with its common areas and various commercial areas.

The Right Choice In Long Beach Querencia

Whether you are looking for a hotel or residence, you will find the perfect asset in Querencia.

High Quality Comfort

Whether you buy your Querencia home from a hotel or a residence, 5-star comfort awaits you.

95% Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is 95% in all projects it has delivered. Döveç creates not only buildings but also living spaces.

Grow with Döveç

Having grown by 100% in the last four years, Döveç's projects have gained a minimum of 20% in value.

Always for the Best

Döveç Group has made more than 2000 families homeowners in more than 100 projects it has implemented to date.

Frequently asked Questions

Popular questions about the Querencia Long Beach project are listed below.
For more questions, you can visit our frequently asked questions page.

For more questions, you can visit our frequently asked questions page.

Querencia Longbeach also incorporates design interiors and top-class building materials suitable for its location and the modern luxury residence quality it aims at. Large-sized porcelain ceramics, built-in shower systems, walk-in showers, stainless steel linear floor drains, granite countertops and luxury wooden cover alternatives are some of them.

Do You Need More About Querencia ?

You can send your questions on our frequently asked questions page or contact our sales representatives and answer your questions.

How far is the project from the sea?

The project is 400 meters from the sea.

When is the delivery date of the project?

For Querencia Long beach project, A Block delivery date is May 2025, B Block delivery date is August 2025, C and D Block delivery date is August 2026.

What types of flats are available in the project?

The project is being developed in both hotel and residence concept. And it includes studio flat, 1+1 flat, 2+1, 3+1, 4+1 and 5+1 flats.

What equipment is available in the facility?

The project includes an infinity pool on the 10th floor, customized work areas, conference halls, a cigar bar, restaurants serving world delicacies, an open buffet breakfast room, Snack bar, patisserie, food court, spa and GYM area over 4000 m2 with sauna, steam room, Turkish bath, massage rooms, indoor and outdoor pools over 1300 m2, aqua park, indoor squash and basketball courts it offers a privileged life to its guests and investors with its court, tennis courts, mini-golf area, walking and cycling paths, amphitheater, pocket cinema, gusto room, health club, children's club, currency exchange point, shops and many other social facilities.

Querencia Long Beach

Developing new living spaces that are safe, comfortable and attaching importance to nature with its professional team, Döveç Construction has become one of the leading companies in its sector in Northern Cyprus.

Querencia 1+1 Flat

1 Double Bedroom

For 2 Person

Long Beach
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